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Our History

So You Want to Know About "The Pedaler", huh?

Since 1978 The Pedaler has existed to serve and support the entire bicycle community, promote bicycling for sport, health, and environment, as an alternative to driving, for commuting, grocery store runs, touring, and overall well being. We will always carry an entire inventory of bikes, from inexpensive to super-high performance. We do not tolerate any elitist, snob cyclist attitude from our employees and strive to make everyone feel welcome, regardless of their level of interest in cycling and their budget. We will always answer any questions you have related to bicycles, including sharing our favorite riding spots with you, and never charge to evaluate the mechanical condition of your bike or to air up your tires. 

We fit you to your bike and we know what we are doing. We had Greg LeMond here for three different fit clinics in the 1980's and 1990's. Jeff went to Eddie B's fit clinic in the 1990's and graduated the SBCU Fit Class in January 2007. We use the latest fitting techniques to fit you to your bike, mountain road or whatever type of bike you ride. We offer one year free stem exchanges with most bikes, this allows you to try different positions to achieve the best fit.

Take some time to browse our Online Bike Shop. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please give us a call at 510.222.3420, or send us an email We answer every email we get from anywhere in the USA or anyone in service to our country anywhere in the world. We look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and orders!

Happy Riding,

Jeff Jerge
The Pedaler